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Showcase D0787, Vienna, WV

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Project Scope

The owners of this newly constructed, custom home wanted beautiful functionality. The surroundings around their stately residence did little to enhance the home’s exterior. In addition, the homeowners wanted a comfortable space for entertaining that was wheelchair accessible, as well as a designated space to grow fresh herbs and vegetables.

Location Parameters

Because this project was for a newly built home, the location had no existing landscape design.

Design Plan

Inspired by the stone facade of the home, the design plan steered toward very natural landscaping accents. The foundations of the landscape and plantings vignettes were beautifully-colored concrete walkways, patios and a truly majestic circular driveway. Working closely with the general contractor, the Scots design plan helped establish grades and utilized with existing elevation changes. Large stones, un-earthed during the home’s build, became focal points as they were used to create rock outcroppings to create interest on the large front slope. Striving to appear as a seamless extension of the natural beauty of the surroundings, the plan also included a slate walkway for wheelchair accessibility to the rear patio and outdoor fireplace. Accent lighting throughout reflected the home’s originality, and a delicate, ornamental garden showcased the homeowner’s passion for fresh herbs and vegetables.

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