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Showcase S1692, North Parkersburg, WV

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Project Scope

A more functional space all around was the desire of the owners of this home. They wanted their backyard space to be a place where friends and family could gather without feeling cramped and boxed in, with easy accessibility to all living areas. In addition, the homeowners wanted the front of their two-story home to be more dynamic and inviting.

Location Parameters

The home also had an existing deck that was segmented from the rest of the backyard area. And although the home did have some existing landscaped areas, all needed to be enhanced and refreshed.

Design Plan

A large addition was added to the back of the house, with the lower part featuring a dynamic full kitchen. Outside, a large patio was designed that included a built-in grill area and fire pit. Large glass doors provided access between the new patio and new kitchen area, and the doors were designed so they could remain open during large gatherings to maximize the space and provide a seamless transition. The patio was designed with access to the existing, upper-level deck, blending the spaces and allowing fluid circulation throughout the back of the home. Seating vignettes on both the patio and deck were created with Alfresco outdoor furniture, available exclusively through Scots.

Existing landscaped areas were revived throughout, and creating a horseshoe driveway of elegant brick pavers not only enhanced the home’s curb appeal, but also added easy access to the front.

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