Scots Marketplace

Welcome to pure, farm fresh goodness.

At Scots, we never do anything halfway. That’s why when we decided to expand our greenhouse and garden center to create a quality foods marketplace, we knew we couldn’t settle for anything less than the uncompromising quality that has been a hallmark of the Scots name for more than 30 years. So, we set out to harvest the freshest vegetables and fruits from local and regional farms, unique, hard-to-find specialty items, and quality packaged foods from names not only praised for their deliciousness, but also for the quality of their ingredients. Our standards were high. Our dreams were big, and we are happy to say those dreams have become reality! Each time you visit Scots Marketplace, you’ll discover a harvest of fresh produce and a growing lineup of delicious, quality foods. After all, with the name Scots on our door, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. And neither would we.

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